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Dusklight was founded by sales & marketing professionals from the high tech industry (Brainport). The design and operation of complex machines, factory equipment, robot- and 'production automation' systems, etc. can be better explained through means of animations, virtual reality, mixed reality and augmented reality.

Complete installations can be shown in existing environments, including "interfacing" to existing machines and hardware.

This not only leads to a clear understanding by the customer of the proposal but also by the internal organization which in turn leads to less confusion and has a positive influence on the lead time of a project.

Quotations supported by animations, virtual reality, mixed and augmented reality have a significantly higher success rate. A higher percentage of quotations is converted into an actual order.
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Through the use of VR, MR or AR during the quotation process, a higher percentage of quotations are converted into an actual order.

Information is transferred to both the internal engineering department and the client and stakeholders at an early stage. The information is more readily available, which contributes to a dedicated focus on the USP (Unique Selling Proposition). This creates greater differentiation with a focus on added value.


Success rate of quotations, turnarounds to orders & projects

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