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Effective Training Program and Maintenance

Tablet, Phone, Webcam, Headset


Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is a live, direct (or indirect) image of reality to which information is added. Information is added to the image supporting the user or to provide additional information.

Through AR an object is recognized and an interactive software menu can be added (see image). A software menu supports the user in identifying the parts or replacing them.

To clarify the use of the specific parts, these are shown separately by means of animations. With these animations a very effective training program can be set up. Or maintenance engineers can receive direct feedback about a part to be replaced or checked.

The information can also be extracted from the general business process to show the user specific information of that process (efficiency, efficiency, time to next maintenance, etc.).
Augmented Reality Model Recognition

Interactive FuseBox

Interactive Fusebox

Augmented Reality overview of a control cabinet. After recognition of the object or image , an additional software menu is displayed.

The different components can be viewed individually by selecting the component.

Animations are included to clarify the actions taken and to illustrate the  movement of the parts.

Augmented Reality Robot

Concept robot that appears after scanning an image. The different functions (movements) are included to provide a complete understanding of the final design and operation.

The design can be shown on a tablet, phone or headset.